Ocarina Water Park

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Precisely at 10:00 am Sunday (13/12) marked by the
inauguration of Ocarina's management and her investors
Water Park and 3D Theater.The inauguration began with
a ribbon cutting by investors as Vivi's mother was accompanied by Ir. Cahya, Mery (Arsikon Group CEO) - finally had its official opening marks Ocarina water park and theater in the area of 3D Ocarina Mega Tour which more than cost Rp. 12 billion.

Batam community now has a place to enjoy the rides and water entertainment 3D theater in the area Ocarina Mega Tour. This new entertainment park is an outlet for families during the weekends and public holidays.

The park spands over a land area of 1.5 acres with pond area of 3000 meters. "Water Park itself intended for visitors of all ages with all the facilities such as" Masage chair, Nozlle, Lange-Fountain , Nozle-Fountain, Arc tend, Floating Lotus-Leaf, Bath Show, Bridge, Fountain, Fountain, Barrel of Pouring Water, Rainbow Slide, Slide for Family Bar, Water Gun, andSlide Hill Creep.

In addition to Water Park and 3D Theater, Ocarina also will soon build the largest Convention Hall will be able to accommodate about 3000 people.


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